Weed Killer Vinegar 20%

Weed Killer Vinegar 20%

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20% household vinegar is perfect to get rid of weeds! Its properties are the same as 12% household vinegar, however, due to its concentration of acetic acid, it is more powerful.
Ingredients: Acetic acid solution titrated at 20%

How to use: Spray the vinegar directly on the foliage, ideally in the sun, for more efficiency

This item is sold in a sanitized mason jar and a $2 Jar Deposit is applied to the purchase per jar. You can return the jar for a refund of your deposit or a credit on your next order. A 1L Mason Jar will hold approximately 900 grams (or 9 units) of liquid products, so each order over 900g will be packaged in the appropriate number of Mason Jars to hold the contents.