Laura Greaves

Hi, I’m Laura, owner of Great Lakes Refill Co. I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and I have lived in Sarnia since 2010. I studied Modern European History at university and worked in research for many years before purchasing the store in January 2023. In my previous position, I had the opportunity to talk to many entrepreneurs and business owners, and I was very inspired by their stories. When the opportunity presented itself to purchase the store, I jumped on it. I was very lucky that my family supported me in this, including my partner Rich and our two wonderful boys. When I’m not in the store, you can find me chasing them around at one of Sarnia’s amazing parks or, in the warmer months, splashing at the beach.


 Anna Glaser

Hi, I’m Anna! I was born and raised in the tiny town of Bragg Creek, Alberta, right where the foothills meet the mountains. I hold a degree in Political Science and Community Development from the University of Calgary. My partner and I recently moved to Sarnia, and I was fortunate to be able to continue my work in refilleries by joining the team at Great Lakes Refill! I am passionate about caring for both our community and our planet, and find the most fulfillment in the space where those intersect. I have been spending the past few years trying to reduce my carbon footprint by implementing zero-waste alternatives in my own home, avoiding fast fashion, and making my own versions of things I commonly use to varying degrees of success (I don’t recommend making your own Cheerios, they were super gross). When I’m not working, you can find me with my hands in the dirt in my vegetable garden, cooking nourishing meals for the people I love, or having a good cathartic cry. 



Scott Meharey

I’m Scott Meharey, and I was born and raised in London, Ontario; however, after moving to Sarnia with my wife eight years ago, I now truly consider Sarnia my home. Caring for people, our community, and the planet we share is core to my personal values. My previous experience as a Developmental Services Worker; supporting and advocating for people with disabilities, provided an unexpected foundation of transferrable skills that eventually lead to a recent career in Sales and now the opportunity to join the amazing team at Great Lakes Refill Company.  My wife and I share a passion for and commitment to being conscious consumers and making sustainable choices. The launch of GLRC provided a space to help us improve on these practices but the turning point for us was seeing how they expanded and adapted their business to meet the changing needs of their customers during a difficult 2020. From household cleaners to spices and soap, Great Lakes Refill became our trusted source of supplies. I am truly excited to find myself working for this amazing company and look forward to serving you soon!