COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 UPDATE: We offer in store shopping, online order pickup and delivery within Sarnia & Point Edward Monday - Saturday.

In Store

We offer in store shopping between 10:00 am - 5:00 pm (Mon-Sat) with a maximum of 3 customers inside at any time.

Online Order Pickup

We offer pickup at our front counter between 10:00 am - 5:00 pm (Mon-Sat) for online orders. Online orders under $40 are subject to a $1.50 packing fee. You are welcome to bring your own bag or tote to pack your items.

Online Order Delivery

Delivery is available on online orders over $50 and subject to a $5.00 delivery fee. Please leave a cooler out if you are purchasing frozen and/or refrigerated items and a box or tote out for dry goods. We will call to schedule your delivery between 10:00 am - 4:30 pm (Mon-Sat). We will knock when we are done placing the order in your tote and wave kindly from a safe distance!

THANK YOU for your continued support!

Please stay home if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and have a friend or family member pickup for you.




Am I able to bring in my own containers?

At this time we are not accepting containers from customers due to Ontario government recommendations. However, we are accepting donation jars that we run through our commercial sterilizer

Can I bring in my containers so you can run them through your sterilizer and I can use them right away?

Per Lambton Public Health regulations all containers must air dry for a period of 24 hours to inhibit the growth of bacteria, therefore, we cannot utilize your containers right away and they will go into the pool for all customers to use.

Can I leave my containers to come pick up later?

Unfortunately we have limited space in our store to store customer containers and cannot accommodate this request at this time.

How do I pay?

We accept and encourage debit and credit. We will accept cash if required and follow proper sanitation methods following cash handling.

How are products priced?

All of our products come in bulk and are sold by weight. All products are priced per 100g and by pound. 

How do I tell a team member how much I am ordering?

We have a variety of donated jars, mason jars on deposit and brown paper bags. Just pick your jar type or paper bag size and let us know where you want it filled up to. Simple as that!

How is access to products laid out in the store?

We have closed off the self-serve bulk food & soap side of the store so that it is only accessible by staff. You can still see all the products to work with a team member to purchase the products you need, however, we do the filling for you. Kind of like the way it used to be in bulk stores!


How are products priced and how do I know how much I am ordering online?

All of our products come in bulk and are sold by weight. Most products are priced per 100g or 10g depending on what product you are purchasing. Items that are generally purchased in smaller quantities, such as spices and teas are priced per 10g and can be purchased in 10 gram increments. All other dry goods and liquids that are generally purchased in larger quantities are sold in 100 gram increments.  

Here are a few examples below:

Whole wheat flour - $0.22 per 100g

If you need 1 kg of flour, you would set the Quantity to 10 units and add to cart

Green sencha tea - $0.90 per 10g

If you need 50 grams of loose tea, you would set the Quantity to 5 units and add to cart

Shampoo, Cedar & Sage - $2.30 per 100g

If you need 400ml of shampoo, you would set the Quantity to 4 units and add to cart

Tip: If you have other similar packaged goods in your home look at the package size and determine if you would need more or less of that item. The great thing is, you can customize amounts so you are not stuck with large quantities of a product you use infrequently.  

What happens if I didn’t add enough jar deposits to my order?

We understand that it is hard to tell how many jars are needed for your liquid goods. If you added too many we will simply refund you for the jars that were not required. If you did not add enough jars, we will adjust jar quantities and send you another invoice to pay the balance remaining.

I ordered 900g of oil but only received 800g?

Once in a while we may adjust quantities on your order. For example, if you ordered 900g of oil and only 800g fits into a 1L jar, we will adjust your order to 800g so you will only need one jar deposit. We do this so we are not sending out partially filled jars to make up the extra 100g and charging an additional jar fee. The amount will be adjusted and you will be refunded for the 100g that did not fit into the 1L jar.

Something is missing from my order…

If this has occurred, it is very likely that we had run out of stock on that item and could not fulfill the order and that total paid for that item will be refunded.

I don’t know weight in grams vs. pounds...

If you typically think in terms of pounds and are having a hard time converting into grams to know how much to order, Google is a great resource to quickly and easily do conversions. 

How are items packaged now that I can not bring my own containers?

Dry goods will be packaged in brown paper bags and liquids will be packed in mason jars on a deposit.

How does the mason jar deposit system work?

It’s simple…you will be charged a $2 deposit on each mason jar in your order. When jars are returned you will either be refunded your deposit or a store credit will be applied to your account. You can drop jars off in our jar return tote, just inside our front doorway during pick up hours or leave them on your step when we are coming to deliver. If you are dropping off please let us know how many jars you are returning so we can be sure to keep track.

When will my order be ready?

Orders will be fulfilled in order of receipt and completed within 1 business day and sometimes same day! We are open Monday to Saturday and closed Sundays. You will get an email confirmation when your order is placed and another when your order is ready (please check your spam folders!).

How do deliveries work?

We are currently only delivering within Sarnia and Point Edward. If you live outside of Sarnia/Pt. Edward. Orders above $50 are eligible for delivery within Sarnia/Pt. Edward for a delivery fee.

We ask that you please place a tote or a box on your step so we can safely place your items in the bin you provide. If you will not be home and have ordered fridge or freezer items, please leave a cooler out.

We will knock on your door when the items have been delivered and wave from a safe distance. If we do not see anyone, we may give a courtesy call to let you know your items have been delivered.

What are your pick up hours and where do we pick up?

Once you receive your email stating your order is ready, you may pick up your order during opening hours posted on our homepage. Pick ups are through our front door on 454 Christina St N (in between Trendsetters Hair Studio and Christina Street Pharmacy) and we will only allow three customers in the store at a time. If you see someone picking up their order, please wait 6 feet away, either in store or outside. If there is a line outside the store, please wait a 6' from other customers. When you arrive to pick up your order please state your name and order number and we will place your items on the counter. You can grab your items and place them in a reusable bag or box to be carried out to your vehicle. 

I didn’t receive an email telling me my order was ready…

Please check your spam folder! If it has been longer than 3 business days (not including Sunday) please give us a call or email to get an update on your order at (519) 491-6446 or info@greatlakesrefillcompany.ca.

I want to add something to my order that I've already placed...

If you have already placed an order and forgot something please place a new order and write the prior order in the notes/comment section. We cannot guarantee that it can be added to your order in time but we will try our best!