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Marseille Soap Block, Household Soap

Marseille Soap Block, Household Soap

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Planette’s Genuine Marseille Household Soap Block is made from 72% olive oil. Sold without packaging, it is a zero-waste cleaning essential. An outstanding stain remover: effective on blood, grass, red wine, fruit juice and other tough stains. It is also very effective on oil and grease stains. Because it is olive oil-based, this soap does not foam much and will last you for years!

This Marseille soap does not contain glycerin. Glycerin produced naturally during the hot saponification process is removed along with impurities. Because of this, the soap will not build up on surfaces or clothing, nor clog pipes or drains.

Properties: A long-lasting disinfecting cleaner and degreaser that is hypoallergenic and biodegradable in 28 days.

Our Genuine Marseille Soap does not contain:
• Dyes
• Synthetic adjuvants
• Animal fat
• Additives
• Synthetic fragrance
• Preservatives

Planette’s Genuine Marseille Soap Block is perfect for:
-  removing stains on clothing and other textiles
-  removing stains on zero-waste products like cloth diapers and cloth pads
-  using as solid dish soap with a scouring pad or dish brush

Tip :Cut your block into multiple pieces! Because this soap doesn't lather much, it lasts for a long time. A thick slice can last for weeks. Keep some in the laundry room, at the cottage or even in your handbag to miraculously remove tomato sauce from your blouse. Our Genuine Marseille Soap is a versatile cleaning product to have on hand!