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Handkerchiefs, 2-pack w/pocket
Handkerchiefs, 2-pack w/pocket

Handkerchiefs, 2-pack w/pocket

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What it is: Handkerchief pocket & 2 hankies
How to Use: A very handy little pocket!
Waterproof and lightweight, it can carry your tissues, wipes or makeup pads. The pouch contains 2 handkerchiefs made of 100% organic cotton sateen.
• Pocket size: 11 x 9 cm (4.25 x 3.5 inches)
• Handkerchiefs size: 25 x 25 cm (10 x 10 inches)
• Colour of the handkerchiefs: Natural, coloured trims
Tip: Pocket care: Machine wash cold with like colours. Air dry or tumble dry medium temperature. Do not iron. Do not bleach.

Handkerchief care: Öko Creations handkerchiefs can simply be added to a regular load when lightly soiled. In other cases, they can first be lightly rubbed under cold or warm water in order to remove stains, air dried if a washing is not immediate and then added to a regular load if desired (not necessary if the handkerchief has been completely hand washed). Tumble or air dry. Note that the high temperature in the dryer might fix the stains by “cooking” them. Do not iron. The handkerchiefs becomes more absorbent from wash to wash.
Replaces: Tissues
End of Life:
Brand: Oko Creations
Material: Pocket composition: 100% polyurethane laminated organic cotton
Hankerchiefs composition: 100% organic cotton
Made in: Quebec, Canada