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Floss Pot, Floss Pot Refill Pack

Floss Pot, Floss Pot Refill Pack

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FlossPot is a mini mason jar of biodegradable pure silk dental floss. The silk floss is lightly waxed using candelilla for strength and ease of use between tight teeth. Silk is of Nature and returns to nature, taking only 45 days to fully biodegrade, and the pot is refillable. Finally, a zero-waste floss that's good for your gums, your teeth and the planet. 

KMH holds a valid HEALTH CANADA Medical Device Establishment License – which holds us accountable to our customers, and to our Government’s rigorous guidelines.

How to Use: As you would traditional dental floss
Tip: For use with the FlossPot dispenser
Replaces: Plastic dental floss
End of Life: Biodegradable
Brand: KMH Touches
Material: Candelilla waxed silk
Made in: Canada