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Cleaner, Sanitizer Omaiki

Cleaner, Sanitizer Omaiki

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Directions: To wash surfaces and toys, put 5 ml of Sanitizer + 1L of water in a bottle with a spray bottle. Spray the surface, leave to act for a few minutes, then rinse with water. For Health Canada approved cleaning, we recommend 125 ml of Sanitizer + 1L of water. This solution contains 0.5% active peroxide, the amount required by Health Canada to fight germs, bacteria and viruses. Spray surfaces, leave for 30 seconds and rinse with your damp cloth.

For laundry, add Sanitizer to the bleach compartment during the normal wash cycle. After sanitation, rinse thoroughly.

FRONT WASHER HE: 15mL / load

Ingredients: Aqua Water, Hydrogen peroxide Liquid sanitizer, Laureth-7 Plant-based cleaning agent, Dodecylbenzene sulfonic acid Synthetic and biodegradable cleaning agent, Propylene glycol Plant-based wetting agent, Potassium sulphate Mineral pH adjuster