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Beeswax Wraps, Single, Medium

Beeswax Wraps, Single, Medium

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All-natural beeswax food wrap that keeps food fresh longer. Reusable wraps are an affordable and earth-friendly replacement for disposable plastic wraps and bags.

Medium wrap is 10” x 10”. Patterns vary, please call for details.

Use pressure in combination with the warmth of your hands to form it tightly around the item to be stored. The wrap will be slightly adhesive and malleable at room temperature and will stiffen when cool, holding the shape you created. Caring for your wrap as recommended will ensure that it lasts over a year. Avoid contact with high heat and raw meat.

Simply hand wash in COLD, soapy water and towel or air dry. Wax wraps prefer gentle, low alcohol, biodegradable soap.

Replaces: plastic wrap, plastic ziplock bags
End of life: compostable (shredded)
Brand: Earthology
Material: Organic Cotton, Beeswax, Tree Resin, Jojoba Oil
Made in: Toronto, Canada