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What Soaps Are Safe For Camping?

As the next few weeks should (hopefully) give us the all-clear for summer camping plans, we felt now would be a good time to talk about camp soap!

Camping is an activity that you definitely want soap for, especially when you're camping for days at a time. However, a big part of appreciating the outdoors includes leaving no trace behind. That's why biodegradable soap is very important!

**Please note: it is never safe to directly dispose of soap into a backcountry body of water. Dispose of soapy water in a cathole around 200 ft away from the water.**

So what soaps are safe for camping? We have three recommendations for you:
(1) Castile Soap - We carry this in our bulk refill section and is a great multipurpose option. It's great for anything from washing dishes to yourself.
(2) Come Clean Bug Repelling Camp Soap - Also available in store & on their website! A perfect option for keeping clean and keeping those bugs away.
(3) Any of the soaps available in store - If you are looking to stick with your favourite GLRC essentials while camping, all of our soaps are biodegradable in nature!

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