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Tips for a Low Waste Beach Picnic

The first day of Summer is this Sunday, June 20 and that means BEACH DAYS! Spending full days at the beach is always ideal, but you need to be prepared to last a full day in the sun. That's why we've compiled a couple of tips for how you can enjoy your beach day picnic waste-free!

- Spread on some of our SPF 30 Bulk Refill Sunscreen before heading out for a day in the sun 🌞
- No picnic blanket? No problem! Our Lualoha Turkish Towel is the perfect background for your picnic. 🍽
- We carry a variety of containers to hold all of your snacks including stasher and rezip silicone bags, airtight stainless steel tiffin's, and fabric snack bags. ♻️
- Refill your Kombucha Hound bottle with kombucha from our rotating tap.🍹
- Market bags - great for carrying snacks/towels/etc to the beach πŸ‘œ
- We have snacks galore! Everything from pretzels to trail mix to fresh bread - check out in-store or online what we have that suits your ideal picnic tastebuds.🍿

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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