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Shopping with us is easy!

Starting a journey to low waste living & grocery shopping can seem overwhelming at first but after a couple trips and some simple preparation it can easily become part of your routine. If you are a busy mom like Melissa and thinking there is no way you can squeeze this in, we assure you - you can do it!

Preparation at home:
1. Pick your containers - anything will do - mason jars, tupperware, old yogurt tubs etc.
2. Ensure your containers are clean & dry (no dirty containers i.e. food particles)
3. Write the item you want to fill the container with directly on the container - use a permanent maker, chalk marker, wax pen or a piece of tape & pen (This tip is a life saver - it's a built in shopping list!)
4. Place your containers in a reusable bag & come on in!

In Store:
1. Bring containers to front desk, wipe the outside with available towels & staff will weigh them
2. Fill up with what you need using sterilized funnels & utensils - we are always happy to help
3. Bring your items to the checkout to be weighed
4. Feel great about doing your part for the planet

Congratulations! You just saved many food packages & plastic bottles from entering the landfill, only purchased the amount of food you needed, lowered your household's food waste AND you've lowered your carbon footprint by shopping local. We thank you, the planet thanks you & future generations thank you!

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