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Self Care, Sustainably: Tips for a Low Waste Self-Care Night

It's looking a little wet outside this weekend, so take the opportunity to stay indoors and enjoy some time taking care of yourself. We wanted to share with you our recipe for a perfect evening filled with self-care activities, and the way you can do so sustainably.

Step 1: Create Ambience - Lighting a candle always provides a relaxing atmosphere. Spark Soy Candles are made from recycled glass bottles and are created with soy wax, which is clean burning. We currently have the scents Citrus Balsam, Moose Tracks and Blueberry Muffin. If you are more of the essential oil type, consider stocking up on our refillable essential oils, like eucalyptus to diffuse.

Step 2: Choose a beverage - If you're looking to boost your gut health while enjoying a delicious drink, try out Kombucha from Kombucha Hound. We have a rotating tap where you can come and fill your own bottles, as well as pre-filled options.

If you are looking to indulge a little bit, consider purchasing some of our cocktail bombs! Simply drop one of these tabs into your beverage (spiked or not!) and you have an instant cocktail! We have flavours like margarita, pina colada, peach bellini and more!
Finally, if you are just wanting to truly relax your mind and body, pick up some chamomile tea & honey for a soothing evening beverage that will help get you ready for rest.
Step 3: Pick your activity! Here are a couple of our favourites:
Have a Spa Night! Soak away your worries in a Lavendar Bubble Bath while wearing Come Clean's clay face mask and listening to your favourite music. Once you are done, make sure you moisturize your face with something luxurious, like Come Clean's moisturizing serum and bulk refill hand and body lotion in lavender scent.
Have a Movie Night! Enjoy one of your favourite flicks while curled up on the
couch with some delicious and low-waste snacks including popcorn kernels, Bliss edible cookie dough, gummy worms & more.
Take the Night Off Cooking! Grab some of our prepared meals such as pakoras, samosa's, meat alternatives like the Beyond Meat Burger, or pre-measured coconut curry soup! Another great option is ordering takeout from a local restaurant and ask them if they can package your food in a BYO container.

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