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French Press Tips & Tricks

We've been talking a lot this week about beverages, so we thought we would take the opportunity to share some unique ways to use your french press!

A french press is a great, low-waste method for making coffee, as it does not require any types of filters or "cups".

Many people use it as their preferred method of coffee making. But many people don't know is how versatile they can be! Check out these ideas on how to use your french press for things other than coffee:

  • Brew a pot of loose leaf tea! Simply brew the tea the same way you would make a coffee, press down to filter & enjoy!
  • If you love a cold brew, all you have to do is make your regular coffee with cool or room temperature water and chill in the fridge for a couple of hours. You can serve over iced or enjoy as is.
  • The french press is a great tool for rinsing your grains! No more rice or quinoa running away down the drain. Pour it in the french press, add water, gently shake, press the strainer down & you have clean grains!
  • Frothing milk is easy in a french press. All you have to do is pump the strainer up and down a couple of times to froth and enjoy in your coffee or tea

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