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Cold Brew Coffee

Nothing beats a refreshing glass of Cold Brew on a hot day!
We have two roasts in store from our friends at Ground Up Roastery: a medium roast from Brazil with tasting notes of notes of molasses, sweet orange, and honey; and a medium plus roast (slightly darker) from Mexico with tasting notes of chocolate, brown sugar, bright orange acidity, and full of creaminess. Either will work perfectly for this recipe.
This cold brew recipe is easy - plus it’s low waste! Make as much or as little as you want, just follow the 1:5 ratio of coffee to water.
What you’ll need to make the coffee:
1 cup coarse-ground coffee beans
5 cups filtered water
A large container such as a 1.5L mason jar or pitcher
Fine mesh sieve
1. Combine coffee and water in a large container. Stir the liquid gently to moisten all the grounds. Cover the top with a lid or the cheesecloth and let the concoction ‘brew’ for 12-20 hours at room temperature. We understand that waiting can be tricky, but letting the coffee sit this long helps reduce the acidity of the coffee and give that smooth taste of Cold Brew!
2. After letting it brew, your coffee is ready to be strained. Grab a fine mesh sieve and line it with cheesecloth. Pour the brew through the sieve into another container, catching all the grit and leaving only that black gold!
3. This Cold Brew recipe leaves you with a concentrate, so you will want to dilute this by at least a 1:1 ratio with water.
4. Once your serving is diluted, it’s time to pour it into your favourite glass, add your favourite coffee pairings and enjoy. We recommend trying it with a splash of Coconut Milk and Ryan’s Sweet Maple Syrup

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