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Rock Glen Conservation Area

Happy Sunday y'all! On this edition of Let's Go Outside we're headed to Rock Glen! Located on the outskirts of Arkona, Rock Glen Conservation Area is a unique watershed and hosts the Carolinian forest with many trees, plants and wildlife that are distinct to this area.


We grew up going to the waterfall as kids for a refreshing splash after long farm days. I remember collecting stones and looking for fossils and tracing them on paper. Fond memories and we continue to make new ones here. There's lots of trails that have good ascending and descending spots to work out your legs! Of course, the waterfall is the photo op but it's a great spot to visit year round.


Always remember to:

  • Pack out what you pack in
  • Walk single file when passing
  • Yield to hikers coming uphill
  • Respect wildlife
  • Stay on the trail

Happy hiking & stay safe!