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Art Teasel Wildlife Refuge & Greenhill Gardens

Happy Sunday! Today is a double feature of local trails. Both of these green spaces are in honour of local naturalists who wanted to preserve our shared spaces for future generations to enjoy.

First is Art Teasel Wildlife Refuge. Located a dozen or so houses in from the corner of Blackwell and Modeland (heading east on Blackwell) is this short loop owned by the City of Sarnia. Formerly a tree nursery for the city, it was abandoned and left for native plants to take over. Now a mix of both native and non-native species has become a habitat for many birds due to its ponds. It was named after Art Teasel, a local naturalist, who founded the Sarnia Urban Wildlife Committee (now SEAC) that advised City Council. 

Next up is Greenhill Gardens. Owned by Joy and Bill Robson, they created this space about a decade ago for everyone to enjoy. I absolutely love coming here. It is an oasis in the middle of nowhere and a true joy ( :) ) to see! On six acres of land they have turned a swamp into a beautiful space hosting ponds, flora and fauna. I highly recommend driving out and taking a picnic here when the weather gets warm again!

Always remember to:

  • Pack out what you pack in
  • Walk single file when passing
  • Yield to hikers coming uphill
  • Respect wildlife
  • Stay on the trail

Happy hiking & stay safe!