Toner, Come Clean

Toner, Come Clean

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Vegan, all-natural, non-toxic floral kombucha vinegar facial toner mist.

Come Clean’s toner is a rose infused dilution of Kombucha Hound Organic Vinegar (diluted with lavender hydrosol, witch hazel & distilled water). Kombucha vinegar is essentially kombucha that has been fermented longer until it forms a 2% acetic acid vinegar state. It works very similar to apple cider vinegar but it is slightly less harsh therefore better for all skin types and everyday use.

Pair with our spray bottle! You only need 5 units of toner to fill a spray bottle.

This item is sold in a sanitized mason jar and a $2 Jar Deposit is applied to the purchase per jar. You can return the jar for a refund of your deposit or a credit on your next order. A 1L Mason Jar will hold approximately 900 grams (or 9 units) of liquid products, so each order over 900g will be packaged in the appropriate number of Mason Jars to hold the contents.