Reusable silicone ear swab

Reusable silicone ear swab

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A new practical addition to your zero waste bathroom!

- They come with a storage case, easy to take with you.
- Feature a soft-feel tip made of medical silicone.
- It is super easy to clean and reuse with just some water and a dab of soap.
- An essential product made in Canada for a zero waste home!

- Package content:
- 1 x Storage Case
- 1 x Reusable silicone swab

How to use:
- Gently remove the wax at the entrance of the ear canal.
- Use once or twice a week to remove visible wax at the entrance to the ear canal.
- Do not push in to avoid damaging the ear canal.
- Before use, make sure both tips are securely in place.
To clean the children's ears, handle only by an adult.