Camp Meal, Thai Green Curry (vegan)

Camp Meal, Thai Green Curry (vegan)

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Our take on the classic Thai-inspired green curry. The perfect balance of spiciness and sweetness. Our green curry is infused with all the right herbs and flavors for a mouth-watering, aromatic experience with every bite!

Each pouch makes 1.5 servings.

Ingredients: Rice, carrots, zucchinis, white button mushrooms, coconut cream powder, green chillis, shallot, lemongrass, salt, garlic, galangal, kaffir lime peel, cumin powder, coriander seeds, turmeric.


  1. Add 1.5 cup of hot water to the heat resistant pouch (to the fill line).
  2. Seal pouch & wait for 20 minutes. Shake occasionally.
  3. Enjoy & compost pouch after use.

Made in Ottawa, ON by Backcountry Wok