Cashew Cheese, Petit Fume

Cashew Cheese, Petit Fume

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Happy Heart Vegan Gourmet Cheese - Made in Ontario

Cold-smoked to perfection with hickory wood smoke and then aged 4-6 weeks, allowing the smoke flavours to penetrate and develop inside, over time. An incredible plethora of sharp, sweet, smoky notes, accompanies every bite of this very special dairy-free cheese.

100% dairy-free raw vegan cashew cheese. Net weight: 150g.

 Wine pairing suggestionPinot Gris or Chardonay

Serving SuggestionWith whole grain rustic bread, apple slices, salted almonds and maple syrup. 

Ingredients: Whole raw cashews, filtered water, sea salt, vegan probiotic cultures, natural hickory smoke
Allergens: Contains: cashews