Welcome Back Alannah!

We want to welcome back our shining star Alannah from her five-week galivant around southern Mexico! Alannah took low waste to heart while she was travelling abroad and we thought it would be fun to share her experience with our community. Her actions show us all just how simple it is with small changes to reduce our impact but still enjoy the opportunities afforded to us.

We also want to endlessly thank our volunteer Matt who was essential in helping us through the month. Words cannot express how grateful we are & we will all miss you around the store.

Back to my (Lisa’s) favourite activity - Let’s run the numbers! And look at Alannah’s skills on the road:

  • Reused 1.5L water bottles with a Life Straw to safely drink tap water which saved net 25 plastic bottles
  • Brought along her favourite collapsible Stojo mug and asked for coffee to go which saved over fifty disposable cups
  • Took along her trusty spork, chopsticks & reusable napkins which reduced countless plastic utensils from entering the waste stream
  • Filled her Stasher bags with yummy snacks from Great Lakes Refill to start the adventure and saved excess wrapping & packaging from snacks on the go
  • Utilized reusable grocery and produce bags and supported local businesses which saved dozens of plastic bags and reduce emissions from local shopping
  • Reduced food waste by taking leftovers home in rezip reusable baggies (or Stojo mug 😉) and tried ‘nontraditional’ foods such as tripe, head, tongue, liver and heart
  • Took action by cleaning up a beach in Progresso which inspired two young helpers and their father to join in
  • Utilized public & local transportation and one foot in front of the other technology to get around to reduce emissions
  • Used a mineral-based sunscreen & SPF 50 wrap to reduce water pollution
  • Practiced the 5Rs’ “Refuse” by saying no to toiletries at accommodations & stayed in small/local housing to support the local economy
  • Visited & supported a zero-waste stand and bought period underwear, a pad pocket and razor blades!

Where she couldn’t avoid plastic, it was kept as minimal as possible.

We highly recommend creating an on-the-go kit so you can easily make changes while you are out and about too!

Let’s all say Welcome Back to Alannah!

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