Inside Sarnia (Part Two): Howard Watson & Wawanosh

Happy Sunday. I missed last week! I started writing the post last week but the government's increased lockdown restrictions (later reversed) and the continuing struggle of running a small business through this it was damn hard to find positivity that day. So I did what I know best and I hit up McKeough to find some love and light. Being outside in the sun and seeing the new blooms immediately flicked a light for me. I could feel the lightness of the air, the crunch of dirt beneath my feet, the tall blades of grass dancing in the wind. I spent the day away from technology and watched my favourite movie to set the tone - "'s hard to stay mad when there's so much beauty in the world."

So, here we are, another Sunday another post. I thought I would focus back on Sarnia this week for some close to home trails that you may just be able to walk to from your house. Or, if you are lucky enough, your house backs onto the trail.

Howard Watson

With 30 kms taking you from southside Sarnia to Camlachie this trail suits walkers and bike riders alike. I love this trail for biking and have used it many, many years to train for the MS Bike Tour (Grand Bend to London tour). 

The trail used to be a Canadian National Rail right-of-way and is named after the former city councilor who wanted to preserve the linear trial. There are lots of prairie grasses here and sometimes you come across scorched areas where the city has control burned the invasive phragmites in the ever present battle to control them.

Wawanosh Wetlands Conservation Area

Owned by the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority they have converted the former gravel pit into this amazing space that many Sarnians use to escape the city while staying close to home. It is a great birding area for watching waterfowl. Also used in the winter as a skating/pond hockey rink.

I'm sure lots of you have traversed this trail. Write about your favourite memories below, we'd love to hear them!

Happy hiking!

Always remember to:

  • Pack out what you pack in
  • Walk single file when passing
  • Yield to hikers coming uphill
  • Respect wildlife
  • Stay on the trail